CODHy | Sorrento, Italy on April 11-13, 2019

תאריך: 11/04/2019 - 13/04/2019

codhy_11-130419Preparations are well underway for the 7th World Congress on Controversies to Consensus in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension (CODHy) taking place in Sorrento, Italy on April 11-13, 2019.

The Congress will continue to present clinical discussion on unresolved pressing issues in the hope of reaching up-to-date and agreed-upon answers to ongoing debates, through evidence-based medicine and expert opinion and each debate will start and finish with a case presentation.

We really value your commitment to CODHy and would appreciate receiving any suggestions of young and upcoming experts that we can invite as faculty. Please find attached the program for your review and if you have any further comments please let us know. In addition, please inform us which debates you will be happy to present.

As well as the traditional CODHy debate sessions, we will be holding a session dedicated to young investigators who will be selected to present a controversial case. For each case chosen, the presenter will receive  complimentary registration to the Congress and the best five with the greatest impact will be awarded with a prize of €500. We therefore, kindly ask you to forward the below link of our newsletter to your colleagues in order to promote this exciting opportunity.

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