2016 ESH Summer School, Sirmione, Italy


גם השנה קיבלנו שני מקומות לבית הספר ללחץ דם של החברה האירופאית ללחץ דם. העלויות מכוסות כולן על ידי החברה האירופאית ועלות כרטיס הטיסה – על ידי החברה הישראלית ליתר לחץ דם.

זו הזדמנות מצוינת ללמוד מהמובילים בעולם בתחום של לחץ דם והגנה קרדיווסקולרית, במקום יפיפה ובאווירה נעימה. המשוב שקיבלנו מאלו שהשתתפו בהשתלמות מצוינת זו היו מעולים, מכל הבחינות.

אנא העבירו קורות חיים ליו"ר וועדת המלגות שלנו, ד"ר דב גביש, במייל gavish@wmc.gov.il

פרטים – בהמשך למייל זה.

שלכם ובשבילכם,

פרופ יהונתן שרעבי,
יו"ר החברה הישראלית ליל"ד

Dear Presidents/Secretaries of National Societies of Hypertension,

I am pleased to inform you that the European Society of Hypertension organizes this year's Summer School in Sirmione, Italy, on September 3-9, 2016.

The financial rules will be the same as last year:

  1. The attendees' accommodation and meals will be covered by the ESH.
  2. The attendees' travel costs should be covered by the national societies of hypertension.
  3. The ESH will pay the accommodation and travel costs of the faculty.

There will still be some travel grants provided by the ESH to countries facing economic hardship.

We would appreciate two candidates per country at most, indicating who of the two will be preferred if we are unable to accept both of them.

Please note the ESH Summer School is only a once-in-a-lifetime event, which means each participant can attend the course only once in his/her life. Although there is no specific age limit, younger candidates strongly devoted to hypertension should be preferred.

Each national society of hypertension will be informed about the selection of candidates in June 2016.

The program is under development; however, the faculty will consist of excellent Italian and international speakers.

Similar to last year, the fellows will be invited to be actively involved in the program by having the option of presenting their scientific work either orally or as a poster. The selection will be made based on the quality of the submitted abstracts.

Please keep in mind that the ESH Summer School is generously supported by the ESH; the costs per participant paid by the ESH are on average 1,500 EUR. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate your careful selection of candidates with preference given to those with a greater chance to stay within the field of hypertension.

Yours sincerely,

Renata Cifkova
ESH Educational Activities Committee Secretary